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Casablanca Court Jails Afaf Bernani, Complainant in Bouachrine’s Case

Rabat – Casablanca’s Court of First Instance has delivered a six-month sentence to Afaf Bernani, one of the complainants in the Taoufik Bouachrine case.

The complainant will serve her sentence for accusing the judicial police (BNPJ) of falsifying her statement.

Bernani is one of the alleged victims who accused Bouachrine of rape, sexual assault, and violence. She accused Morocco’s judicial police of falsifying her statement during investigations in March, claiming that she had never been assaulted by Bouachrine.

The complainant received a MAD 1000 fine, in addition to her jail sentence.

In March, the Public Prosecutor of Casablanca’s Court of Appeal, Najim Bensami announced in a press conference announced his intention to prosecute Bernani. He told the press that Bernani confirmed that she was sexually harassed by Bouachrine and that the police have a video of her initial statement, in which she allegedly confirmed that she was assaulted.

Bouachrine is facing heavy charges for sexual harassment, gendered violence and rape. Judicial police have said that they have 50 videos backing the charges facing Bouachrine. The police also added that the videos were recorded by the detained journalist himself.

Bouachrine’s defense team has been making the case for their client’s innocence, claiming that the footage evidence have been “falsified.” However, the Public Prosecutor of the Casablanca court claimed the appeal against judicial police “has no legal basis.”

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