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‘Marrakech du Rire 2018’ Breaks Ticket Sale Records

Rabat – “Marrakech du Rire 2018” is headed for record-breaking success.

The 8th Annual International Humor Festival, “Marrakech du Rire,” will kick off June 20 and run until June 24. With several well-known comedians participating in the event, laughter is guaranteed to fill the ochre city throughout the weekend.

According to the festival’s press release, the box office for “Marrakech du Rire 2018,” which opened March 13, has already sold more than 7,000 tickets. Additional tickets can be purchased from various websites.  

Scheduled for five days, the festival will feature the presence of talented comedians, such as D’Jal, Abdelkader Secteur, Eric Antoine, and Amou Tati.

The festival will also include Cameronian, Congolese, Senegalese, Gabonese and Ivorian humorists at the Gala Afrika. In addition, the Gala Arabophone will gather the most popular comedians from Morocco, broadcasted live from the Jemaa El Fna square.

Presented at the Royal Theater, the Coliseum, the Institut Français, Jemaa El Fna square and the legendary Palais Badii, “Marrakech du Rire 2018” promises to be a colorful event.

The comedy festival was founded by Jamel Debbouze in 2011. Each year, several French and Arabic speaking comedians perform before large audiences in the city of Marrakech,

attracting around 90,000 festival-goers annually and reaching 70 million viewers worldwide.

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