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Hunger Strikes on Downward Decline: Mustapha El Khalfi

Hunger Strikes on Downward Decline: Mustapha El Khalfi

Rabat- Morocco’s government spokesperson and Minister Delegate for Relations with Parliament and Civil Society, Mustapha El Khalfi, announced on Monday in Rabat, that the number of hunger strikes observed by detainees in Moroccan prisons dropped by approximately 37 percent between 2014 and 2017.

Answering an oral question on the matter from the Istiqlalian Group of Unity and Egalitarianism at the House of Representatives, El Khalfi said that in 2014, 2,700 cases of hunger striking were recorded, while in 2017, this number decreased by about 1,000 cases, demonstrating a continuous downward trend.

The minister pointed out that once a hunger strike is registered, the participating detainees are summoned for inquiry as to the reasons for their actions, with the aim of urging reconsideration. He added that if the reason for the strike was related to the conditions of detention, the detainee petition will be satisfied according to the law.

El Khalfi underlined that if the strike is conducted for other reasons, the demands of the inmates are transferred to the competent authorities. He emphasized that the inmates are regularly kept informed about the progress of their files in line with Article 131, related to the organization of penitentiary institutions. The inmate, in turn, is obliged to inform the judicial authorities, family, and the central administration of the reasons for the hunger strike.

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