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Iran Denies Military Involvement with Polisario

Bourita: Iran Uses Polisario to Expand in North and West Africa

Rabat – Iran denied involvement in weapons delivery to the Polisario Front on Wednesday.

One day after Morocco severed diplomatic relations with Iran due to its alleged alliance with the Hezbollah movement, a Polisario military supporter, Iran’s foreign ministry has announced in a statement that Bourita’s allegations are “false.”

As the Iranian ministry calls Morocco’s allegations a “pretext” to sever ties, Hezbollah has condemned Bourita’s claims and attributed the diplomatic break to outcomes to “foreign pressure.”

In contrast, Bourita has denied the influence of any regional or international developments on its decision and stressed that Morocco’s decision was purely bilateral, unrelated to situation in Syria or the Middle East.

Upon his return from Tehran after meeting with the Iranian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mohammad Javad Zari, Bourita announced on Tuesday that Morocco possesses the names of Iranian supporters of the Polisario Front, as well as tangible proof of Hezbollah’s connections with the separatist group.

The same day, Morocco’s Ambassador to Iran, Hassan Hami, departed the country and returned to Morocco.

Bourita also called on the Iranian ambassador in Rabat to leave Morocco “without delay.”

As tension over the issue stretched throughout the day, Gulf countries, including Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, and Qatar, showed support and solidarity for Morocco’s decisions.

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