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Morocco Condemns Polisario’s ‘Flagrant’ Violation of Ceasefire Agreement

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Rabat – Morocco has again expressed its forceful condemnation of the recent destabilizing maneuvers carried out by the Polisario Front in Tifariti, east of Morocco’s defense wall.

Polisario’s actions east of Morocco’s berm constitute yet another flagrant violation of the United Nations ceasefire agreement and Security Council resolutions, including the most recent resolution, 2414 adopted last April. Resolution 2414 puts heavy pressure on the Algerian-backed separatist group and urges their withdrawal from the region.

On Saturday, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemned the “flagrant” challenge to the authority of the UN Security Council.

The Moroccan ministry linked Polisario’s “provocative” actions with the recent “embarrassment” that the separatist group and its primary backer, Algeria, faced due to their proven connection with Iranian ally Hezbollah.

“Visibly embarrassed by the confirmation of links with the terrorist group of Hezbollah, Algeria and the ‘Polisario’ have decided to multiply irresponsible actions,” the ministry said.

The source added that “it is in this context that the Kingdom of Morocco strongly condemns the recent provocative actions” of the separatist group in Tifariti, east of Morocco’s defense wall.

The ministry said that it had informed the Security Council and the UN peacekeeping mission in Western Sahara (MINURSO) of the recent provocative maneuvers, urging the UN to take the necessary measures to denounce the Polisario’s “unacceptable actions” in the region.

The ministry warned that such actions will hinder the UN-led political process and will seriously undermine the efforts of the UN.

The statement heavily criticized Algeria, emphasizing that the escalation “takes place with the blessing and complicity of a [Morocco’s] neighboring country,” which encourages the Polisario Front in their destabilizing regional actions.

The ministry accused Algeria of threatening the stability of the region “by closing the borders and sheltering on its soil an armed movement that threatens the territorial integrity of another [Arab Maghreb Union] member.”

Morocco urged the UN bodies to open an investigation to study the situation in the Polisario-run Tindouf camps in Algeria, where Moroccan nationals are “held against their will” in an unbearable and “inhumane conditions.”

The statement also urges the UN to investigate Polisario’s embezzlement of humanitarian aid destined to the Saharawis in the Tindouf camps.

Earlier this week, media affiliated to the separatist group reported that Polisario was planning to celebrate the “45th anniversary of its armed struggle” by staging parades in the region of Tifariti on Sunday.

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