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Gad Elmaleh Recounts Awkward Dinner with Al Pacino

Cultural Insensitivity Imperils Gad El-Maleh’s ‘American Dream’

Rabat – Gad Elmaleh is still living the American dream and sharing plenty of anecdotes about his career with his fans. In an interview with French comedian Kevin Razy, the French-Moroccan comedian has recounted his very special and slightly awkward dinner with Al Pacino with whom he shot a movie in 2011.

Invited on the French TV show “Rendez-vous,” broadcast on Channel+, Elmaleh talked for the first time about inviting iconic actor Al Pacino and his wife to dinner at his place in Los Angeles. It was a proud moment to remember for the actor of “Chouchou.”

“I was flattered when he came to see me, I’m a big fan of his work. We actually shot a scene together when I had a little part in the ‘Jack and Jill’ movie. I think if I had not shot this scene with him, I would not have known him, I would not have come close to him,” said the 47-year-old artist.

Elmaleh invited Al Pacino in a very unique way when they were shooting a scene together. The pair were sitting side by side in a helicopter when the humorist popped the question. “He said yes, so I panicked and went quickly to redecorate my apartment.”

The comedian wanted to go big and impress the American producer. “I’m starting to feel pressure and I’m going to buy wine, the Hamilton wine,” said Gad. “I go to a wine cellar, I say ‘give me the best’, and he took out a very expensive bottle.

Elmaleh joked about breaking his budget as he claimed to have even hired a renowned French chef in the United States to prepare a meal with French service style.

But it seemed the comedian did not do his research. “I’m sitting next to Al Pacino and his wife,” said the actor, who then signaled for the chef to serve the wine.

“He does not even serve women first, he serves Al Pacino. He leans the carafe and Al Pacino puts his hand in front of the glass and his wife tells me that he has not drunk alcohol for 30 years” … Awkward!

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