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Video: Youth Destroy Fishmongers’ Goods

By Intissar Faouzi

Rabat- After Moroccans launched a campaign to boycott three companies selling dairy, bottled water and fuel in response to prices increasing, they have added all fish products to the boycott, resulting in a confrontation with fishmongers.

On Wednesday morning, a group of angry youth violently destroyed the property of several fishmongers in Souk Bani Hassan in Tetouan.

The youth also attacked bystanders who continued to purchase fish for eating despite the boycott call.

With the slogan “#Let_it_rot,” pictures and videos circulated yesterday on social media showing many sardine boxes thrown to the ground and being spoiled before they were burned.

Protesters in the video shouted: “Do not sell fish anymore, or buy it!” and “Go on, kill the fish!”

In contrast, many observers said the destruction was unacceptable because it will reflect negatively on the boycott campaign.

Seventeen perpetrators were arrested yesterday after an investigation was opened.

The protest comes during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, when food prices, including fish, typically rise, despite Morocco’s large maritime wealth.

The fishing industry in Morocco is a leading foreign exchange earner, accounting for 56 percent of agricultural and 16 percent of total

exports. For a long time the industry has been an economic pillar in the country. The Kingdom is considered the largest fish market in Africa.

As a result, it is assumed that fish prices are affordable for most citizens.

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