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PJD Denies Receiving Daoudi’s Resignation Request

PJD Denies Receiving Daoudi’s Resignation Request

Rabat – The Justice and Development Party (PJD) has denied receiving the resignation of Minister General Affairs Minister Lahcen Daoudi during its extraordinary meeting held on Wednesday night.

A statement published by PJD on Friday notes that it learned about his intention to resign and “hailed his courageous decision,” but never received his resignation request.

Since the launch of the boycott against three prominent companies in April, Daoudi angered boycotters by defending Centrale Danone and saying in May that the boycott is going on for “no reason.”

On Tuesday, Daoudi joined Centrale Danone employees in a sit-in protesting the boycott in front of Parliament. His show of solidarity caused outrage as Moroccans expressed extreme anger for his stance against citizens’ demands and his rejection of claims of unjustified increases in prices. The uproar lead to Daoudi’s resignation.

The PJD denied that Daoudi participated in the meeting of the General Secretariat of the party on Wednesday and that Daoudi’s resignation was discussed, saying it “was not part of the party’s meeting agenda.”

However, the PJD’s statement of the PJD contradicts a press release published by the party on Wednesday night after the extraordinary meeting.

On Wednesdays’ statement, the party denounced Daoudi’s participation in the sit-in as “unreasonable and inappropriate.”

The party also “appreciated” that the minister asked to be dismissed from his ministerial responsibility.

To date, King Mohammed VI has not approved Daoudi’s resignation request, as required by the Moroccan constitution.

Accordingly, Daoudi participated in the Government Council of Thursday in Rabat.

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