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Situation in Sahel, Polisario-Hezbollah Collusion Concerning: Khiame

Khiame: Morocco Has Arrested 167 for Organized Crime Since 2015
Abdelhak El Khayam, the Head of the Central Bureau of Judicial Investigation (BCIJ)

Rabat – Head of Morocco’s Central Bureau of Judicial Investigation (BCIJ) Abdelhak Khiame has spoken about his concerns on the alleged Polisario-Hezbollah collusion and the alarming situation in the Sahel.

In the second part of his interview with Le Site Info, Khiame said that the collusion between Polisario and Hezbollah is proven despite the continuous denials of Iran and Algeria.

According to Khiame, Hezbollah took advantage of the situation in the region, which has experienced drug trafficking, terrorism, and human trafficking for decades.

During the interview, Khiame was asked if Hezbollah helped Polisario due to Morocco’s decision to arrest top Hezbollah financier Kassim Tajideen in 2017.

Khiame answered “No one can intimidate or prevent us from enforcing the law. If this was Hezbollah’s reaction to Morocco’s decision then it is their business.”

Khiame also recalled that both Polisario and Hezbollah are terrorist groups, which aim to undermine the security of the region. He added that it is impossible for anyone to influence Morocco’s decisions or undermine its sovereignty.

The BCIJ chief said Morocco is ready to deter any escalation or move to threaten its internal security.

Speaking on the consequences of the lack of cooperation between Morocco and Algeria, Khiame denounced the alarming situation in the Sahel and Libya.

According to Khiame, many gangs and criminal networks consider the Sahel region a safe zone for terror cells.

Terrorists, according to Khiame, were able to bring firearms from Libya to Morocco through Algeria because of Algeria’s lack of cooperation.

Khiame also discussed the overlap between terrorist groups and drug trafficking criminals due to poverty.

In a similar statement, Khiame told Le Reporter in April that illegal activities serve as a means of escaping poverty for many separatists living in the Tindouf camps in southern Algeria.

Khiame also said that cooperation and exchanging information may save the region from terrorist groups.

On May 1, Morocco cut diplomatic ties with Iran and accused its ally Hezbollah of delivering military equipment to and training the members of the Polisario Front in the Tindouf camps, Algeria.

Algeria, Hezbollah, and Polisario denied this collusion, with Iran claiming that Morocco has never presented evidence to prove this collusion.

Commenting on this denial, Khiame told Le Site Info that Morocco would not make up something like this, adding that the country has all the proof to demonstrate collusion.


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