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Video: Moroccan Woman Mourning Pet Cat Gets Laughed at Online

Video: Moroccan Woman Mourning Pet Cat Gets Laughed at Online

Rabat- New videos have circulated on social media lately of a saddened woman calling for the punishment of a veterinarian who killed her pet cat. Many Moroccan people mocked the woman online and called her “crazy.”

Some people share strong bonds with animals, namely pets. The lady in the videos is one of them.

She posted two videos online to share her story about her cat’s death at the hands of an inexperienced veterinarian.

On the first video she said that her cat suffered the inability to urinate and when she took it to the vet, he said that it suffered from a cyst in the abdomen.

When the vet operated on the cat he could not find a cyst and when the woman and her daughter called him, he said that the pet had died from an hemorrhage:

“We kept calling him, but he kept always hanging up on us…this man is a murderer! whoever has a cat and an ounce of humanity, share this video, to expose him. I want him to be punished,” she said on the verge of tears.

In the second video, recorded near the vet’s office, the woman and her daughter seemed near to an emotional breakdown: “I handed him the cat safe and sound and he killed her,” the woman screamed while her daughter wept.

Meanwhile social media users could almost be seen shaking their heads at the videos:

“She’s complaining about the vet killing her cat…I thought he killed her mother or some family members…This [woman] is over the top.”


Another Facebook user commented on the video:”Have you held a funeral yet? Just bring four priests to pray for her. May she rest in peace, she was good to other cats.”

Others expressed understanding and sympathy with the woman: “This is the best example of humanity,” one commenter wrote.

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