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Video of Saudis Throwing Money at Women and Children in Saudi Arabia Sparks Uproar

Rabat – Two Saudis have triggered a controversy with a video that shows them throwing money at women and children in a mall in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi-based news source Sabq reported on Saturday that the two Saudis are “Snapchat celebrities” in the country.

The video received widespread backlash, with citizens criticizing the actions of the two Saudi men.

The video shows the men throwing money from the upper floor and watching women and children fight below over the banknotes.

Some internet users consider the actions of the Saudis to be a humiliating act.

“These celebrities actions are deeming to these people and unacceptable,”  wrote a Saudi Twitter user, asking authorities to hold them accountable.

“We need strength and firmness against these actions,” said another.

“They need to be held accountable. This is offensive to people, to Saudi money, and to Allah’s grace.”

“Dirty behavior by a despicable person.”

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