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FIFA Writes Letter to FRMF after ‘Shocking’ Medical Treatment of Amrabat

FIFA Writes Letter to FRMF after ‘Shocking’ Medical Treatment of Amrabat

Rabat – FIFA did not agree with the Moroccan medical staff’s handling of Nordin Amrabat’s injury and has decided to let it be known.

According to Dutch outlet NOS, the President of the UEFA Medical Committee and member of the FIFA Council,  Michel D’Hooghe, has decided to send a letter to the FRMF to express his shock regarding Moroccan medical procedures.

During the June 15 match that pitted Morocco against Iran in a (1-0) loss, the Moroccan football player left play at the 76th minute after a shock to the head with an Iranian player that left him nearly unconscious.

Quickly, the medical staff rushed to his assistance. Attempting to keep him awake, they slapped and sprinkled him with water. The actions displeased many on social media, and especially abroad several foreign medias were quick to denounce “the odd method of giving slaps.”

Speaking with Dutch media, Michel D’Hooghe, expressed outrage when asked about Amrabat’s treatment. “We were shocked when we saw the images and have no understanding of the doctor’s attitude. During a team workshop prior to the World Cup, we gave extensive explanation to the team doctors how to treat a concussion. We immediately wrote a letter to the Moroccans.”

Last Saturday, the doctor of the national team said that Amrabat should “stop training for a week”. However, as shown in pictures by the Royal Moroccan Football Federation (FRMF), it appears that the midfielder is feeling fine and continuing training.

According to the national team doctor, Amrabat should still miss the next match of the Atlas Lions against Portugal Wednesday, June 24.  

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