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Policeman Shoots Escaping Robber in Morocco’s Kenitra

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By Intissar Faouzi

Rabat-On Tuesday morning, a police officer fired his gun to arrest six people for their alleged affiliation with a criminal network that specializes in violent theft.

According to a statement from the Directorate General of National Security (DGSN), the suspects, who were escaping on a scooter, committed armed robbery with a knife, putting police and the public in imminent danger.

To stop the suspects from escaping, a police officer from the motorcycle brigade of the Kenitra Police Prefecture used his service weapon to shoot and injure one of the suspects, a former convict. The suspect was transported to the hospital, where he died.

After shooting, the policeman was able to arrest three other suspects and to seize the knife used in robberies as well as stolen handbags and other personal properties.

The suspects were subjected to a judicial inquiry under the supervision of the prosecutor’s office, the DGSN said, indicating that several victims of the robberies were also interviewed.

The statement concluded that the survey and investigation procedures continue to arrest other accomplices.

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