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Video: Priest Slaps Crying Baby During Baptism Ceremony

Rabat- A disturbing video of a priest slapping a crying baby across the face in the process of his baptism ceremony has sparked outrage on social media platforms.

The 40 seconds of footage show the French-speaking priest caressing a crying baby, held in his mother’s arms, saying: “I’m going to put water on the forehead, and then I’ll embrace the little man because he will have become a little Christian.”

As the baby continued to cry, the priest shocked those present by suddenly yelling at him and slapping him on the face, only to cradle his head again. The clergyman soon held the child’s neck and gave him a violent hug.

“Calm down!” the priest repeated aggressively, but the baby’s cries increased.

Voices in the room can be heard saying to the priest “don’t hit the kid, sir.”

The man, believed to be the baby’s father, seemed to have had enough of the priest’s disturbing behavior and pulled the baby from the priest’s arms, pushing him away before the video had ended.

The unsettling footage was viewed over 1 million times on YouTube and angered people online who denounced the priest’s “sadistic” and “sociopathic” behavior.

One commentator said: “First of all, he’s holding his head, and it looks uncomfortable. No wonder he’s all fussy like that. Second, there was [no] reason to slap a child like that. No reason. When the parent tries to grab their child from you, you don’t refuse to give them up, unless of course the parent is a threat to the child.”

Another one said: “Who wants to fund me a trip so I can go slap him!!!”

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