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Moroccan Activist Slams Bouachrine for Alleged Rape of Pregnant Woman

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Moroccan Journalist Taoufik Bouachrine

Rabat – Activist Fadwa Rajouani has written a letter in response to a recent publication by detained journalist Taoufik Bouachrine, in which he expresses sadness over missing his son’s birthday. While she said she feels sorry for his son, Rajouani strongly condemned Bouachrine’s alleged rapes as “unacceptable”, expressing her heartbreak for the pregnant complainant in the case.

Several women, including a pregnant woman, lodged complaints against Bouachrine in February, accusing him of “violent rape, human trafficking, and sexual harassment.”

This week, the journalist addressed a letter, shared widely by news outlets, to express sadness for missing his son’s seventh birthday and shared with readers his suffering for being away from his son, who is confused due to the unexplainable absence of his father.

While Rajouani sympathized with Bouachrine’s young child, who is “loaded with questions about his father’s absence, she wondered if Bouachrine felt the same way when he was raping the pregnant complainant.

On her Facebook page, Rajouani wrote a post full of literary expressions, trying to make the readers imagine the impact of the rape scene on the unborn child.

Rajouani asked rhetorically if the defendant owes an apology to the little baby girl, who “was groaning in her mother’s womb?”

Criticizing Bouachrine’s letter to his son, the human rights activist said “do you feel a pang of conscience only when it is about your offspring and kin, but not when it is about the victim’s children?”

For the five months of his arrest, Bouachrine has been denying the charges against him during his trial. According to his lawyers, the charges are a “conspiracy.”

During his arrest, police authorities seized more than 50 videos, which allegedly document sexual assault, rape, and violence against the complainants, who worked in his office. The defense team, however, condemned the allegations and said the videos were “falsified.”

For Rajouani, the arrest of Bouachrine is the “justice of God.”

“What prevented you from meeting your son Reda is neither the law, the bars of the prison nor the jailer, but rather the oppressed prayers to God for the injustice they are suffering.”

Rajouani said that the baby of the pregnant complainant will be haunting Bouachrine for life.

“The infant spoke on behalf of all mothers and said: You will always owe me a letter of apology no matter what the court convicted you of or claimed your innocence.”

Slamming Bouachrine’s claims of innocence, the activist called on the journalist to not “blame the law” for his deeds.

“You know that the “couch” was the cause of your downfall; and that your back was bent because your conscience was absent,” she said.

Bouachrine’s wife, Asmae Bouachrine, opened up about her husband’s case for the first time in March, emphasizing that she has full confidence in her husband.

“Of course, I will remain in solidarity with my husband, 1000 percent,” she said, adding that an investigation will prove her husband is innocent.

“The case remains “mysterious” and “subject to rumors.” But, she said “it does not bother me, I know myself and I know Taoufik too.”

She also said that it remained to be seen whether the videos are true or were falsified.

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