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Baccalaureate Exam: Moroccan Special Needs Student Conquers Disability

Rabat- Nothing could drive Z’hour Ansar away from achieving success in her baccalaureate exams, not even the fact that she does not have hands. Ansar’s courage and positive attitude have inspired Moroccan social media users.

In an interview with Moroccan news site Hespress, Ansar described how she passed the baccalaureate exam, then spoke of her dreams and ambition to succeed in life and not allow her disability to get in the way.

Ansar could have relied on the help of an assistant based on the Ministry of Education’s new initiative to adapt baccalaureate exams for special needs candidates.

Instead, Ansar passed the exam without an assistant, using her own arms, and asked exam supervisors not to give her “simple” questions because of her disability.

With a decisive look on her face, she told the interviewer: “I felt that I did not need easy questions and wanted to pass the exam just like the rest of the students around me.”

Ansar passed the baccalaureate exams with non-special needs students.

Ansar used the interview as an opportunity to call on authorities to install service ramps in schools across the country for special needs students using wheelchairs.

Ansar’s mother also called on parents to follow in her steps and encourage their special needs children to pursue their education.

One of Ansar’s acquaintances, believed to be her teacher, said that her smile never leaves her face, thanks to her positive attitude. Ansar also participates in activities such as theater and music.

Those who recounted Ansar’s story all wished that young people would make a role model of her and learn to succeed no matter the hardships.

This year, 77.91 percent of special needs students passed the baccalaureate exam in the June session.

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