Home Education 168 Moroccan Students in Prison Pass Baccalaureate Exams

168 Moroccan Students in Prison Pass Baccalaureate Exams

120 Prisoners Pass 2017 Baccalaureate Exams in Morocco

Rabat- Of 766 students taking the baccalaureate exam in prison, 168 have passed, a success rate of just 22 percent.

The number of inmates who passed the baccalaureate exams this year is higher than last year’s. In 2017, 120 out of 713 imprisoned students passed the exams.

The Ministry of Education and the Department of National Prison Administration (DGAPR) have revealed that 53 percent of the candidates who failed the exam in the June session will have the opportunity to retake the baccalaureate in the make-up exams in the July session.

The pass rate of “free baccalaureate” exam takers, who could not attend regular classes for either health, work, or imprisonment, was 24.92 percent in the June session.

The 2018 baccalaureate saw 440,000 exam candidates this year, 187,138 of whom passed the exams in the June session. However, many candidates did not take the baccalaureate exam.

A total of 15,3931 baccalaureate candidates will be allowed to retake the exams July 10-13.

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