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Moroccan Expats Angry over Expensive Ferry Tickets, Boulif Reacts

53,200 Travelers Left Morocco through Tangier Med Port Wednesday

Rabat – In response to controversy over ticket prices for the ferry between Spain and Morocco, Secretary of State to Minister of Equipment, Transport and Logistics  Mohamed Najib Boulif shared a statement with ticket prices for all the ferries.

In recent weeks and with the onset of the summer season,  Moroccans residing abroad (MREs) have complained about the cost of tickets for the ferry.

Increases in ferry ticket prices led to massive demonstrations at departure points for the ferry to Spain: Algeciras, Tangier, Almería, and Nador.

In response, Boulif shared a statement from the ministry showing ticket prices for each crossing point.

Boulif took to his Facebook on Friday, saying that he had received several complaints. “I have been contacted by many citizens, mainly our Moroccan brothers, who complain about the high prices of cruise tickets between southern Spain and Morocco.”

He added that after monitoring the situation closely and communicating with the ferry companies, “I would  like to inform everyone of the prices we officially stood on… and which we will follow closely during the coming weeks to take steps that are necessary in accordance with the laws in force and the agreement signed between the ministry and the companies.”

According to the statement, a round-trip ticket from Algeciras to Tanger Med Port for a single passenger is MAD 480, while a one-way trip is set at MAD 280.

A one way trip for one passenger and his vehicle is MAD 1,370, while a round trip is MAD 2,340.

A round trip for a vehicle and two passengers from the same crossing point is MAD 2,860. The price doubles depending on the number of passengers and crossing points.

Find all prices in the statement below:

Moroccan news outlet Al Yaoum 24 reported that Moroccans living in southern Spain and working in ticket sales points say the prices have never been that high.

Morocco launched the “Marhaba 2018” operation to welcome home for the summer Moroccans living abroad on June 5.

The operation will continue until September 15.

Morocco’s Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity mobilized to welcome nearly 2.5 million Moroccans residing abroad and returning to Morocco for the summer holidays.

The Marhaba team spread across the Mediterranean, including Taourirte, Tazaghine, Jebha, Tangier Med, Tangier City, Nador, and Al Hoceima, in addition to the borders at Bab Sebta (Ceuta) and Bab Melilla.

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