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Daoudi Optimistic about PJD’s Success in Upcoming Election

Morocco’s Minister of General Affairs and Governance, Lahcen Daoudi

Rabat – Despite widespread dissatisfaction among the Moroccan people over slow governmental progress, Morocco’s Minister of General Affairs and Governance, Lahcen Daoudi, appears confident about his party’s future in the upcoming legislative election.

As statistics show, the previous legislative elections were marked by low participation due to a couple of reasons, mainly the lack of confidence in politicians and dissatisfaction with governmental performance. Nevertheless, Daoudi seems very optimistic about his party’s chances at winning the next elections.

“We will remain at the top of the elections thanks to the pace of achievement that we are maintaining, by giving priority to the public interest of the state, and our review of the political behavior of some people belonging to our party,” the Moroccan newspaper Al Massae reported today.

During the last few years,  disappointment was shown by many PJD supporters, along with the discontent that the majority of Moroccans felt, due to the party’s failure to solve the country’s main economic and social problems. These include education, health and employment in addition to the increase in commodity prices.

However, Daoudi claimed his government-majority party has gained the people’s political trust and citizens votes “thanks to their project.”

“Although we are not in a clean environment… under the monarchy which is the secret of the unity of our nation, we restored political confidence that others failed doing. People did not vote for Justice and Development Party, nor for Daoudi nor Benkirane, but voted for our project.”

On the other hand, Al Massae said the minister found Moroccans’ criticism over unemployment to be overstated. “Some Moroccans criticize their country in a way that is sometimes exaggerated and reckless. Unemployment exists in most countries of the world, and information technology has taken over the workforce with a single click on the computer button and a touch on the phone. Objective criticism is required today.”

The minister also noted the government will resolve all problems related to electricity and water.  “In 2021, we will eliminate problems with electricity and water definitely .”

According to the newspaper, Daoudi did not deny the significant influence that social media is exercising on political youth to develop the parties’ debates and ideas, in addition to public opinion which changes at every moment.

For this reason, the minister should not forget about his controversial presence at the sit-in, supporting Central-Danone workers, which caused an unprecedented backlash on social media. The minister’s act was described as “irresponsible” and “unworthy” by thousands of Moroccans, following the boycott targeting three companies in Morocco.

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