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Video: Violence Against Sub-Saharan Child Migrant in Algeria Sparks Outrage

Rabat- A recent shocking video of an Algerian man violently slapping a sub-Saharan child has angered social media users, who denounced the violence and called for the Algerian government’s action.

The 34-second-long footage captured the moment on July 8 when an Algerian man near a bus station hit a child so forcefully across the face that he fell hard to the muddy ground.

As the child cried in pain, bystanders laughed in amusement.

Many social media users expressed disgust at the violent act. One Twitter user commented: “Cruel. The man did not consider that he was also a child.”

“Sick. How do you sleep in peace?”

“The tragedy is that there are some people who found this funny and were laughing,” another wrote.

The video appeared on Wednesday, only days after fire broke out in the camps of sub-Saharan migrants in both Fez and Casablanca.

Although Moroccan authorities have not yet revealed the causes of the July 8 fires in both cities, some sub-Saharan migrants claimed that drug-addicted “hooligans” near Ouled Ziane bus station in Casablanca have previously tried to set camps on fire.

The violent act towards the child was not the first incident of its kind, especially near the Ouled Ziane bus station. In November 2017, violent clashes between sub-Saharan migrants and a group of Moroccans broke out in the area, resulting in arson in the same park.

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