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Saad Lamjarred Releases French Single ‘Casablanca’

Rabat – Saad Lamjarred has surprised his fans with his new single. After teasing it on his Instagram page, the Moroccan singer finally released “Casablanca,” in which he sings in French for, a first for the 33-year-old artist.

Lamjarred’s recent legal controversy has not stopped him from producing music. Released on his Youtube channel on Tuesday, June 30, the clip has already reached 2.4 million views and is trending number one on Youtube Morocco.

Lamjarred’s choice to sing in French paid off. On social media, the fans of the successful singer were very happy with the decision, congratulating him for another hit single.

When it comes to his musical style, Lamjarred is very versatile. Two months ago, during Ramadan, the son of Bachir Abdou released a religious song called “Ya Allah,” far from his typical pop sound.

Despite his musical success, Saad Lamjarred’s legal troubles are far from over. French authorities arrested Lamjarred on October 26, 2016 for sexual assault of a woman named Laura Prioul. He was released and put under surveillance on April 13, 2017.

In a pretrial motion, Prioul’s lawyer requested a medical expert in Paris, aiming to establish a link between the rape she reportedly suffered in October 2016 and the deterioration of her health since.

Lamjarred is suing Prioul for defamation over her legal request for a medical exam and asking for EUR 15,000 in damages.

Last month, the Court of Great Instance in Paris (TGI) decided to allow a medical expert to examine Prioul to find out if her right kidney stopped working because of stress following the assault.

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