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Morocco Sacks 76 Government Officials for Allegedly Selling State Land

Morocco Sacks 76 Government Officials for Allegedly Selling State Land
Morocco's Court of Auditors

Rabat- Morocco’s interior ministry has announced that 76 government officials have been dismissed, following the sacking of the economy minister.

The 76 sacked officials include accountants, and presidents of municipalities, provinces, prefectures, and regional councils, who are undergoing investigation for bad management.

The officials are not allowed to leave the country throughout the investigation period.

The Ministry of Interior is conducting more investigations regarding thousands of hectares of state-owned communal lands which some government officials sold to foreign investors at low prices.

The ministry will remove more officials whose jobs are tainted by “corrupt” management, in line with a report by the head of the Court of Auditors, Driss Jettou.

The report focuses on the management of the accounts handled by all ministers and is set to ensure transparency in government finances.

The report revealed management dysfunctions in more than 100 accounts by general directors, senior officials, and ministers, reported Moroccan newspaper Assabah.

On the eve of Throne Day, July 29, the head of Bank al Maghrib, Abdellatif Jouahri, and Jettou, presented the King with their 2017 annual reports on Morocco’s financial situation.

Both reports showed that social disparities are still an issue that hampers Morocco’s social and economic development.

On August 1, after the monarch received the report, the royal cabinet announced that the King sacked the minister of economy and finance, Mohamed Boussaid, in accordance with the King’s powers in Article 47 of the 2011 constitution.

To Head of Government Saad Eddine El Othmani, who commented on the incident to L’economiste news outlet, Boussaid’s dismissal signifies that no one is above the law.

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