Home Economy The Economist: Morocco among World Leaders in Sustainable Energy

The Economist: Morocco among World Leaders in Sustainable Energy

The Economist: Morocco among World Leaders in Sustainable Energy

Rabat – The Economist has recognized Morocco’s growing investments in alternative and sustainable energy sources.

According to the British newspaper, the North African kingdom is among the world’s top three countries with expanding solar energy production capability, indicating that Morocco’s energy policy is rapidly evolving to sustainability level and may become a global leader in coming years.

While countries like the US, China, Japan, Spain, and France retain their leadership positions in terms of solar energy production, Morocco has risen through the ranks for solar energy-focused projects.

Morocco is home to 3 of the world’s 100 solar energy plants, the British newspaper noted. Most importantly, perhaps, the country currently hosts some of the largest CSP (Concentrated Solar Power) and CSH (Concentrated Solar Heat) projects in the world. Although CSP and CSH plants are primarily used for industrial purposes, Morocco has invested in them in recent years to facilitate domestic usage of its solar energy supply.

The Economist also found that Morocco’s expanding alternative energy sector has numerous socio-economic advantages, especially as it helps the country attain the increasingly preferred “smart energy” model for the digitized world.

The model promotes sustainable and efficient use of energy sources, while improving general health by reducing carbon dioxide levels.

The Economist’s analysis of Morocco’s expanding solar energy system adds to the plaudits that the kingdom’s efforts have received in recent months.

In June, the World Bank injected $25 million in Morocco’s solar energy sector to help the completion of the Noor Midelt project in Ouarazazate, southern Morocco.

Operating as a hybrid solar power plant(a combination of CSH and CSP energies), the project aims to produce 2,000 megawatts by 2020.

The plant is managed by the Moroccan Agency for Solar Energy (MASEN) as part of Morocco’s Noor Solar Plan, which is the leading solar energy project in the MENA region.

Morocco, now a regional pioneer in the field of sustainable and efficient energy sources, has exported its solar energy expertise to a number of other African countries, including Mali and Guinea, where Moroccan teams are designing national policies for sustainable energy production.

“This project [Noor Midelt] confirms Morocco’s role as a regional pioneer in renewable energy,” said Marie Francoise Marie-Nelly, the World Bank’s country director for Malta and the MENA region.

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