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Former Algerian official: ‘Terrorism, Drugs Support Morocco’s Currency’

Rabat – A former Algerian official has repeated his government’s accusation of “Moroccan drug trafficking.”

The former Algerian minister of energy, Chakib Khelil, made the controversial statements to explain why the dinar, Algeria’s currency, is experiencing crisis.

A video published by Algerie Focus on Wednesday, September 5, features the former official claiming that the dinar crisis is normal and that the currencies of other countries, including Tunisia and Morocco, are supported by “tourism, drugs, and terrorism.”

“The value of the dinar has collapsed because of the fall in the price of a barrel of oil,” he said.

Khelil then gave the neighboring countries as an example.

“The value of the currency can be strong, as in Tunisia, because it is supported by tourism, terrorism and drug trafficking.”

He further added that drugs and terrorism supply foreign currency. “When a terrorist comes to your country, he does not come alone. They send one with dollar or euro. That those countries, where terrorism and drug activities happen, have high currencies.”

Khelil later echoed his government’s repeated accusations of Moroccan drug exports.

Algeria’s accusation, however, puts Morocco’s eastern neighbor in an ironic situation since Morocco’s authorities seized hundreds of psychotropic tablets from Algeria.

In 2017, Morocco’s General Directorate of National Security (DGSN) announced that seizures of psychotropic pills from Algeria had increased notably in recent years.

DGSN said that 808,022 psychotropic pills were confiscated in 2016, compared to 260,152 in 2015 and 293,282 in 2014.

Khelil’s remarks came 11 days after the secretary general of Algeria’s National Liberation Front (FLN) accused Morocco of “flooding” Algeria with drugs.

He said, “Our neighbors to the west, may God forgive them, and I do not think he can forgive them, are flooding us with drugs.”

Khelil’s statement backed direct accusations from both Algeria’s minister of foreign affairs, Abdelkader Messahel, and his prime minister, Ahmed Ouyahia, who accused Morocco of “laundering drug money in sub-Saharan Africa.”

While Algerian officials link Morocco with drugs, some Algerian politicians, authors, and journalists have heavily criticized Algeria’s economy and political system.

Secretary General of Algeria’s Workers Party Louisa Hanoune to condemn the Algerian political system and the “mafiaization of state institutions.”

Hanoune referred to senior officials arrested for their involvement in drug trafficking in May.

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