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Sabha car: The Convergence between the Militia of “Polisario” and Terrorist Organizations

Polisario Backs Terrorists Groups’: Director of US Think tank

Rabat – How can the militia of Polisario gather all these contradictions at the same time?

This is the most urgent question that occupies the minds of researchers, from kidnapping, human trafficking, drugs, embezzlement of financial allocations and humanitarian aid to detainees held in the camps of Tindouf in Algeria and selling them in the black market in a number of Sahelo-Saharan countries, according to the a report of from the European Office for Fraud.

In these endless contradictions, these actions clearly revealed the real face of the militia of polisario in terms of the dangerous convergence of the group with terrorist organizations, which together constitute the great security threat in the Sahel and Sahara. This is reinforced by the retention of the polisario all horizons closed to the detainees and the desperation and lack of hope in front of them, which makes them vulnerable to extremism and the need to engage in the terrorist organizations. which makes them more prone to extremism and the need to engage in the terrorist organizations.

“Polisario”, fertile ground for “Da’esh”

Ultimately, the militia of Polisario stands helpless in the face of its latest setbacks by the signing of the European Union the fishing agreement with Morocco. Thus it has destabilized the militia and uprooted its calculations and pushed its members to coordinate with the terrorist organizations, especially the Sahel and Sahara. This collusion is a danger that calls for vigilance and caution, where peace and security in the region and the interests of a number of States have become the main target.
In this context, the suicide car bomb attack in the Libyan city of Sabha by a fighter belonging to “Da’esh” from the Tindouf camps in Algeria, was a dangerous precedent and an immediate danger to the alliances that have become the main targets of these militias with their alliances with the terrorist organizations in the region. They do not hesitate to harm the peace and safety of the countries of the region and the interests of other countries. The suicide car bomber in Sabha in Libya was an active element in the ranks of “ISISDa’ash in Libya as well as an extremist group known as the Emirate of Grand Sahara, a branch led by former Polisario militia member Adnan Abu Walid Al-Sahrawi.

The hostage situation in Ain Aminas, Algeria, revealed the inner conflicts of decision-making in Algeria, the easy way to recruit elements of “Polisario”, who participated side by side with the fighters of the organization “blood signatories”  ‘Al Mouaqeoun bi dam’led by Mukhtar Balmokhtar a close friend with the former security director of the Polisario militia.

The International Center for Terrorism Studies in Washington has highlighted the links and rapprochement between terrorist groups active in North Africa and the Sahel with Polisario militias, stressing the urgent need to address this growing threat in the Tindouf camps to avoid the great danger posed by the terrorist activities of the Polisario militia.

As a reminder of the terrorist threat posed by the polisario, the Central Bureau of Judicial Invistigation BCIJ  has dismantled terrorist cells linked to the organization of the Islamic State, which was active in the town of Samara, the Belfaa and Ait Amira regions, where its members planned to join the ranks of Daesh in Libya through Mauritania. In addition their preparation of a traditional bomb device for use in terrorist operations aimed at public places and vital in the Kingdom of Morocco.

Morocco: The only credible interlocutor

What distinguishes one state from another is the maturity of its constitutional institutions. In order to achieve this maturity, an accumulation of expertise and professionalism with respect to the human rights enabled Morocco to gain a credibility in the international community in various issues, including the security aspect related to the fight against terrorism and migration. These accumulations have made neighboring countries, both in the Northern Mediterranean and Africa, consider Morocco the sole and reliable interlocutor within the African region. The article of the Spanish newspaper El Pais on the Director General of both directorates the National Security and Territory Security is evidence of what is going on in the behind the scenes of  European security decision officials, of the importance of cooperation with the Moroccan security and counterterrorism agencies.

The Sabha Libyan suicide bomber by a member of the Polisario militia has brought us to a whole new stage in dealing with the terrorist threat in the Sahara and Sahel region The international community must understand the important role that Morocco plays individually in confronting the coordination of Polisario militias and terrorist organizations in the region Neighboring countries are absent, and even deliberately, lack of security cooperation between their neighbors.

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