Home Morocco Bouachrine Trial Postponed Again, Seized Videos Allegedly ‘Not Fake’

Bouachrine Trial Postponed Again, Seized Videos Allegedly ‘Not Fake’

Bouachrine Trial Postponed Again, Seized Videos Allegedly ‘Not Fake’
Jailed Journalist Taoufik Bouachrine Hospitalized, Trial Postponed

Rabat – Journalist Taoufik Bouachrine’s sexual harassment and assault trial has been delayed again, but the controversial videos will be admissible evidence in his trial.

The journalist’s trial was postponed on September 10 again. Bouachrine will appear before the judge again on Friday, September 14.

The National Gendarmerie laboratory has submitted its results and analysis on the videos, allegedly of Bouachrine engaged in sexual acts.

Authorities seized the videos when they arrested Bouachrine on February 23.

Bouachrine is facing several charges, including human trafficking, the exploitation of people in need, and the abuse of power for sexual purposes—complaints brought by his coworkers. The journalist is also suspected of other crimes, including violent rape and attempted rape.

Bouachrine is the director of Akhbar Al Yaoum newspaper and Al Youm 24. Police arrested the journalist at the headquarters of the newspaper.

Local news outlets quoted Mohamed Kerrout, a lawyer for the complainants, claiming that the videos were not faked.

The lawyer said that the experts found that “Bouachrine is involved in the crimes of which he is accused.”

Since his arrest in February, Bouachrine, along with his defense team, have denied the accusations filed against him and claimed the videos were faked.

However, authorities have allowed the use of the videos in hearings as evidence. Mohamed Ziane, a member of Bouachrine’s defense team, denied that the person in the footage was Bouachrine.

Ziane used explicit language in front of the press, shouting that the videos are “porn footage.”

Authorities alleged that they seized more than 50 tapes supporting the charges filed against him.


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