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Moroccan Navy Rescues 19 Moroccans off Casablanca

Moroccan Navy Rescues 19 Moroccans off Casablanca

Rabat – The Moroccan navy has rescued 19 Moroccan people, including a woman and a child, in the Atlantic Ocean off Casablanca.

The migrants were in a weak wooden boat and had been abandoned by their smuggler in the middle of the ocean, according to a statement by the Royal Armed Forces (FAR) general staff.

The royal navy sent a rescue team after they located the migrants 32 kilometers off Casablanca at around 8 p.m.

The statement said that the navy brought the rescued people back safely to the port of Casablanca.

The makeshift boat, according to the statement, sank at the end of the rescue.

Every year, hundreds of migrants, including sub-Saharans and Moroccans, take the hazardous journey across the Atlantic Ocean or the Mediterranean Sea in an attempt to reach the Eldorado.

In June, the Royal Marine rescued 472 undocumented migrants, including 28 women and 27 teenagers.

The migrants also included 3 children. Most of the migrants were men.

The 472 passengers are among the latest in a growing number of men, women, and children making the risky sea journey in hopes of reaching Europe.

Earlier this month, at least 35 migrants, including Moroccans, were killed after a boat capsized off Tunisia’s southern coast.

The precarious sea voyage claimed the lives of 90 migrants in February after a migrant boat capsized off the Libyan coast near the city of Zuara.


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