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UAE Singer’s Brother Lashes out at Morocco over Prostitution Arrest

Rabat – Salah Al Jassmi, the brother of Emirati singer Hussain Al Jassmi, had a lot to say about Morocco, and it was not good.

Al Jassmi spoke out about the arrest of his friend, Emirati singer Ayad Menhali, who was caught and arrested with prostitutes in a villa in Marrakech. Al Jassmi blamed Morocco for “encouraging” this kind of behavior.

Police intervened Saturday night, September 8, while the UAE artist was accompanied by 11 Emirati and Saudi people and about 30 Moroccan girls.

On Monday morning, September 10, the judicial police referred some 41 people, including dozens of prostitutes and citizens of the Arab Gulf countries, to the royal prosecutor at the Marrakech District Court.

In a viral video on social media, Al Jassmi was not keen on Morocco and especially the red city, which he considers as a city that “mainly welcomes tourists looking for late night parties, poker games in casinos and sexual relationships.”

He went on, saying these tourists are not necessarily from Arab countries but also from Hollywood, looking for the same thing.

In addition, Al Jassmi accused Morocco of “tolerating this kind of practice.”

Al Jassmi’s video has sparked controversy among Moroccans who were not happy with the Emirati’s statement.

At least for internet users, Morocco is considered a sex tourism destination. A simple search on Google identifies many websites in which the kingdom is listed among the most popular destinations for sex, especially Marrakech.

Since the controversial release of Nabil Ayouch’s “Much Loved” movie about prostitution in 2015, a spotlight has been thrown on the issue of prostitution in Morocco.

The Emirati singer’s case is just one among many. In Marrakech, hundreds of apartments, riads, and villas are dedicated to prostitution.

In 2012, a senior Saudi army officer died of a heart attack in Marrakech while spending the evening with four Moroccan women in a villa in the Anakhil district.

In the same year, three Britons were arrested in the company of young naked Moroccan women by a pool in a villa in Bab Ighli.

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