Home Morocco Water Dept. Dissolution: Morocco’s PPS, PJD Hold ‘Friendly’ Meeting

Water Dept. Dissolution: Morocco’s PPS, PJD Hold ‘Friendly’ Meeting

Water Dept. Dissolution: Morocco’s PPS, PJD Hold ‘Friendly’ Meeting

Rabat – In the midst of rising tensions, the PPS and PJD secretaries general met again to discuss relations between the parties and Morocco’s political situation.

After repeated threats to withdraw from the government coalition, Progress and Socialism Party (PPS) Secretary-General Nabil Benabdellah received the head of government and secretary-general of the Justice and Development Party (PJD), Saad Eddine El Othmani, yesterday.

In a visit at Benabdellah’s house, both officials talked about their parties’ relations.

PPS shared pictures of the meeting yesterday on Facebook, describing the gathering as “friendly.”

Minister of Human Rights Mustapha Ramid, a member of the PJD, also attended the meeting.

The officials also posed for pictures.

Tension between the two parties grew in August, when a press release from the Royal Cabinet announced the removal of the Secretariat of State in Charge of Water, run by PPS member Charafat Afilal.

Following the decision, which came at the proposal of El Othmani, PPS expressed anger and pledged to withdraw from the government’s ruling coalition.

PJD then shared a statement to announce the meeting on September 13.

In the statement, PJD said that the party had already announced its determination to maintain the coalition with PPS.

The statement also said that the meeting was to evaluate political and social reforms and “prospects for cooperation and partnership between the two parties.”

In a statement to Le360 after yesterday’s meeting, Benabdellah expressed satisfaction. He added that he would inform the political office of his party of the content of the meeting.

Yesterday’s meeting was the second between the two parties over the crisis. The parties previously held an emergency meeting to discuss the move and find a solution to the rising conflict.

Benabdellah told Le360 after the meeting that he talked with PJD officials for one hour.

The socialist PPS and the ruling Islamist PJD party have been in a ruling coalition since 2011, following Morocco’s constitutional reforms when PJD won the majority of votes in the Parliament.

The two parties have been good allies despite their different political visions.

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