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Minister Daoudi Resigned in June, But Palace May Have Refused It

Minister Daoudi Resigned in June, But Monarchy May Have Refused It

Rabat – More than three months after Minister of Governance and General Affairs Lahcen Daoudi resigned, he is still on the job.

Daoudi still performs his ministerial duties and participates in government activities.

In an interview posted online September 18, a journalist from Moroccan news outlet Horizon TV asked Minister of Human Rights Mustapha Ramid about Daoudi’s resignation.

Ramid described the journalist’s question as “bizarre.”

The minister explained that each institution requires resignations be accepted, including the monarchy.

He added that the practice is common in all institutions, including in administrations and newsrooms.

He explained that when an employee submits a resignation request, all concerned parties have to approve it.

In response, the journalist said, “Ok, it is clear, the resignation of Lahcen Daoudi was refused.”

Ramid did not comment on the journalist’s conclusion.

Daoudi submitted his resignation in June after citizens and his political party, the Justice and Development Party (PJD), heavily criticized him for participating in a protest with Centrale Danone employees against the boycott of their company for high prices.

Since the launch of the boycott against three prominent companies in April, Daoudi angered boycotters by defending dairy company Centrale Danone and saying in May that the boycott was going on for “no reason.”

Daoudi said then that he resigned to protect PJD.

In an attempt to explain his participation in the protest, Daoudi said that it was “unplanned” and that he walked into the sit-in while arriving at Parliament for a parliamentary committee meeting.

Following the protest, PJD published a series of statements condemning Daudi’s participation in the protest. The party described Daoudi’s move as “unreasonable” and “inappropriate.”

To date, King Mohammed VI has not approved Daoudi’s resignation request, as required by the Moroccan constitution for it to be effective.

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