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UAFA Deletes Tweet of Map Excluding Western Sahara from Morocco

Morocco’s FRMF has commented on UAFA’s decision to use a map dividing Morocco into three parts.

Rabat – The Royal Moroccan Football Federation (FRMF) told Morocco World News today that it has sent a message to the Secretariat General of the Union of Arab Football Associations (UAFA) to alert the body of the mistake in the map.

FRMF told MWN that UAFA said posting a divided Moroccan map was an “unintentional mistake.”

FRMF added that the Arab federation “responded to Morocco’s demand immediately by deleting the map” from its official Twitter account.

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The map showed the football clubs that qualified for the eighth round of the Zayed Champions Cup. Morocco’s Raja Casablanca, also known as RCA, qualified for the competition.

The map, however, angered Moroccans because it divided Morocco into three sections: The first part showed northern and central Morocco and part of the southern provinces, the second part showed Western Sahara, and the third section showed the regions east of Morocco’s defense wall claimed as “liberated zones” by the Polisario Front.

It is the first time that UAFA, chaired by Saudi sports official Turki Al Sheikh, has used the map, which is commonly used by the UN and international NGOs.