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US Congress to Investigate Trump for Obstruction of Justice

Chairman Jerry Nadler wants to open an investigation into Trump’s White House for abuse of power, corruption, and obstruction of justice.

By Mohammed Amine Benabou

Rabat – The chairman of the US Congress’s House Judiciary Committee, Jerry Nadler, has said he will request documents from over 60 people and organizations today as part of an investigation into President Donald Trump for obstruction of justice.

Nadler, a Democrat in the House of Representatives, will ask for documents from people with links to the White House and the Trump Organization. The list, which will include Trump’s son, Donald Trump, Jr., and Adam Weisselberg, the chief financial officer of the Trump Organization, will be released today.

The judiciary chairman said he would initiate investigations into Trump for abuse of power, corruption, and obstruction of justice. Nadler believes it is “very clear” that Trump obstructed justice.

Trump’s firing of former FBI director James Comey is evidence of that, according to Nadler. “My job,” Nadler said, “is to protect the rule of law.”

In American television channel ABC’s “This Week” program, Nadler said the Republicans have been protecting Donald Trump from proper accountability, threatening “to impeach justice department officials.”

He said their threatened Robert Mueller, the special counsel in charge of the investigation into Russian interference into the 2016 US election.

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Nadler said his investigation will go beyond allegations of the Trump campaign’s collusion with Russia, even if Special Counsel Robert Mueller, who is investigating the allegations, proves there were links between the Trump election campaign and Russia.

“We would want to see the evidence behind that and see the validity of that, we could agree or disagree,” Nadler stated. “But this investigation goes far beyond collusion.”

Trump has repeatedly denied accusations that he colluded with Russia in his election campaign. In a tweet on Sunday, he said, “I am an innocent man being persecuted by some very bad, conflicted & corrupt people in a Witch Hunt that is illegal & should never have been allowed to start.”