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Spain’s Far-right Party Leader Wants a Wall at Ceuta, Melilla Borders

A Trump-inspired Spanish politician wants to make Rabat pay for a wall at the land border between Spain and Morocco.  

Rabat – After Donald Trump’s Mexico wall claims, it is now the turn of Santiago Abascal, leader of Spain’s first far-right party Vox, to voice his intentions about building a wall at Spanish enclaves Melilla and Ceuta and make Morocco bear the cost of the project.

Santiago Abascal, leader of Spain’s first far-right Vox party, is asking Morocco to pay for a wall he plans to build at Morocco’s border with the Melilla and Ceuta enclaves. He says the project aims at curbing the migrants’ flow.

In a book titled “Santiago Abascal: Espana vertebrada” and published earlier this week, writer Fernando Sanchez Drago has published a book this week entitled revealed Abascal’s party immigration policies.

The book states that Abascal wants to make Morocco pay for the wall because he sees the North African country as the primary culprit for the waves of irregular migrants that have reached Spain in recent years.

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According to the book, the party wants the Spanish army to monitor the borders until the construction of the walls is complete.

Abascal also wants to introduce new irregular migration measures to prevent NGOs that, according to him, collaborate with Mafias to rescue migrants across the Mediterranean.

The Spanish politician believes that “the great wall that we should be building is a psychological one and consists of informing immigrants that those who enter illegally in Europe will never be able to regularize their situation nor will they have the right to stay, nor will they have social assistance, nor will they be given a health card,” according to  Fernando Sanchez Drago’s book.