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HCP Says March Fuel Prices in Morocco Increased by 5.2%

Fickle food prices and high gas costs riddle Morocco throughout the month of March.

Rabat – The High Commission for Planning (HCP) has announced that during the month of March, Morocco experienced an increase of 5.2% in gas prices.

The HCP noted in the consumer price index (CPI) that the cost increase came at the same time as a 0.3% drop in the food index and partially caused the 0.2% increase in the non-food index.

According to the HCP, from February to March 2019, the price declines in the food products mainly concerned the following categories: Fish and seafood at 2.6%, vegetables at 1.3%, oils and fats at 0.9%, and milk and cheese at 0.6%.

For non-food products, the 5.2% fuel price increase was the most significant change.

The largest fuel price decreases, according to the CPI, were recorded in southern Morocco’s Laayoune at 0.6%, in northern Morocco’s Tetouan and Al-Hoceima at 0.3%, and in Casablanca and Rabat at 0.2%.

On the other hand, the CPI recorded the three largest increases in Guelmim at 0.5%, in Oujda at 0.3%, and in Agadir and Fez at 0.2%.

The underlying inflation indicator, which excludes products with volatile prices and public tariffs, experienced a decrease from February to March 2019, but an 0.8% increase from March 2018.