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Moroccan Activists Launch Petition Requesting Pardon for Rif Activists

Moroccan activists launched an online petition on Monday, requesting pardon for the imprisoned Rifi activists.

Rabat – The online petition comes in the aftermath of Moroccan Court of Appeals’ verdicts to uphold prison sentences for Rif Hirak activists.

Petitioners aim to collect one million signatures. As of this moment, the number of signatures reached over 527.

“After the judicial authorities in Morocco issued their appeals against the detainees of the rural movement, and in front of the popular and popular will to find a solution to this file, we submit a petition requesting the collection of one million signatures for the Moroccan authorities represented by the King, the Constitution of the Kingdom, and the Dahir No. 1-16-107, framed for petitions,” read the petition.

The petition was created on Avaaz, an American non-profit organization that aims to help “people from all walks of life to take action on pressing global, regional and national issues, from corruption and poverty to conflict and climate change.”

In June 2018, a court in Casablanca gave prison sentences ranging between 1 to 20 years for more than 50 activists. Hirak activists appealed the ruling, but a Casablanca court recently upheld the sentences, frustrating nationwide calls for more sympathy for the Rif activists.

In recent months, the sentencing of Rifi activists made headlines in both the national and international media. Many activists and organizations called out the sentences for being “harsh” and “unfair.”