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Moroccan Police Arrest Men Who Filmed Themselves ‘Bathing’ on Bus in Agadir

The young men explained the incident was part of their work on a short film and apologized to anyone who saw the video out of context.

Rabat – The men who filmed themselves “bathing” on a bus linking Agadir to Inezgane, which went viral on social media, will face legal repercussions.

On Friday, police arrested the two men in the video, aged 21 and 22, for causing public outrage to modesty and morals.

According to a statement from the Director General of the National Security (DGSN), Inezgane authorities acted swiftly in investigating the video, gathering statements from the bus driver and a legal representative of the transport company.

The defendants were placed in custody following the investigation under the supervision of the competent public prosecutor, while the details of the case are determined.

The two young men explained their actions to Cap24TV.

“We were working on a short film. We filmed several scenes in different places. The actions that took place in the bus was part of these scenes. We warned the passengers and the driver that it was a movie,” one of the men said.

“By the way, the passengers didn’t mind at the end and took selfies. But a malicious person filmed on the bus and swayed everything on social networks,” he added.

“We were insulted by everyone, they even insulted our parents … we did not think at all that would happen there. We apologize to the people who saw the video without understanding the context.”

“We had no intention of giving a bad image of Moroccan youth. Our parents did not tell us anything, but they were sad to see the situation.”

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