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Man Insults Former Algerian Defense Minister in France, Accuses Him of ‘Murder’

The former Algerian defense minister attacked the man with his crutch.

Rabat – A video has been going viral on social media showing a confrontation between an Algerian man and the former Algerian Minister of Defense Khaled Nezzar.

The confrontation started when an Algerian man at the Paris Orly Airport started insulting the former defense minister, accusing him of “killing people.” 

In the video, the Algerian man says, “ you have slaughtered people, what are you doing in France.”

The former minister attempted to ignore the man. However, after he continued persisting and following him, the former minister attacked him with his crutch.

The date when the video was filmed is not determined, but the video has been going viral since Friday.

On May 2019,Anadolu Agency cited on a book written by professor Philip Naylor, in which Ali Hussein Kafi, an “Algerian politician who became chairman of the High Council of the State and acting president from 1992 to 1994,”  heavily criticized Nezzar’s former service when he was a defense minister.

“He even accused Nezzar of infiltrating the ruling National Liberation Front on behalf of France. The Nezzar-appointed junta reimposed martial law and tortured, murdered, and killed thousands extra-judicially,” said the Turkish news outlet.