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Egyptian Mob Harrases Moroccan Women After Morocco-Namibia Game

A mob of Egyptian men followed and harassed a group of Moroccan women following Morocco’s game against Namibia.

Rabat – A recent video showing a mob of young Egyptians harassing female Moroccan fans has gone viral.

The video was taken in front of the Al Salam stadium after the victory of the Moroccan Lions game against Namibia on Monday, June 24.

The video shows the mob of Egyptian men following the Moroccan women who were in Egypt to support their national team. 

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The mob included between a dozen and 20 men who surrounded the women and followed them.

In the video, one of the harassers sarcastically asks the others: “guys, have you never seen red before?” referring to the women’s red shirts (the Moroccan national team’s color).

He then added, with the same sarcasm, “enough guys, that’s enough”, jokingly asking the others to leave the women alone.