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Video: This is How Egyptians Show Solidarity

The Moroccan journalist played the role perfectly, convincing Egyptian passersby that he needed help. He was met with positive, kind reactions from most people he asked for help.

Rabat – A video of Moroccan journalist Alae Sanawbari pretending to be broke and asking for help from Egyptians  has gone viral. The Chouf TV journalist carried out his prank following the 2019 African Cup Nations Morocco-Benin match in Egypt on Friday, July 5. 

Wearing a Moroccan flag t-shirt, the journalist, man tried his luck with several Egyptians,convincing them that he had lost his money,  flight ticket to return to Morocco, and his identity card.

The video shows the Moroccan man attempting to speak Egyptian dialect mixed with Moroccan Arabic (Darija) to convey his message to Egyption passersby.

The first scene shows the Moroccan man talking to a woman, telling her that he lost all his papers and he needs money to eat as he had not eaten for two days. The young man, however, was not successful in convincing her of his plight.

However, the Moroccan national did convince a number of other Egyptians.

Several Egyptians reacted by lending a helping hand to the Moroccan man, offering him money as well as a place to stay for the night.

“We are all one, you would have done the same for me if the same case happened to me in Morocco,” a young Egyptian man told the Moroccan national.

Another Egyptian man said: “Come with me so we can eat first, after that we will go to my house to sleep. I shall take you to the Moroccan embassy tomorrow morning.”