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Imlil Murders: Mother of Danish Victim Wants Death Penalty for Main Perpetrators

The public prosecution office also called on the court to sentence the three main perpetrators to death. The three defendants were directly involved in the murder of the two scandinavian tourists.

Rabat – The mother of Louisa Vesterager Jespersen, the Danish tourist killed near Mount Toubkal, called on Moroccan justice to exert the death penalty on the four key perpetrators.

Today, July 11, the lawyer of the Danish victim handed a letter from Jespersen’s mother to the Sale Court of Appeal, where the trial continues.

Lawyer of the suspects Hafida Maksaoui told Morocco World News that the bereaved mother said in the letter that “the world will be better” without the perpetrators.

She also thanked Moroccan security services for their efforts in the fight against terrorism.

The mother of the victim is not the first to call for the defendants to be executed.  On June 27, the prosecution office in Morocco urged the Court of Appeal in Sale to sentence the three main suspects to death.

While capital punishment remains legal in Morocco, no executions have been carried out since 1993.

On June 27, Maksaoui told Morocco World News that the public prosecutor also condemned the “savagery” of the crimes, asking for the ultimate punishment.

During the same trial session, the prosecution office also disclosed the autopsy report which outlined the horrific injuries sustained by the two victims.

The report showed that Jespersen sustained 23 injuries. A rupture in the neck and decapitation caused her tragic death.

She was injured in her left eye, forehead, and left ear. She also sustained several other injuries to her left hand, fingers, and leg.

Norwegian victim Maren Ueland suffered seven injuries and two fractures, one of which was in her ribcage.

She also suffered from a deep wound of 20 centimeters on her throat. Moroccan security services apprehended 23 suspects involved in the double murder, including a Spanish-Swiss suspect.

The four main suspects, Moroccan nationals, who committed the crime later appeared in a video to pledge allegiance to the ISIS leader Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi. The video surfaced days after security services found the bodies of the two victims on December 17, 2018.

The  main suspects, who already confessed to the crimes attributed to them, are facing multiple charges. The list of charges includes: inciting people to commit terror acts, praising terrorism, and promoting extremism.