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Son of Missing Polisario Member Collapses in Tindouf Sit-In

El Khalil’s son, along with his other brothers and mother, have been staging a sit-in near the high commission of refugees in Rabouni near Tindouf, Algeria for 13 days.

Rabat – Hafdallah El Khalil Ould Braih, the son of the disappeared  Polisario leading member Ahmed El Khalil, fainted during a sit-in today, July 27.

An inside source in Rabouni told Morocco World News that a private vehicle transferred Hafdallah to the Rabouni hospital in Algeria after he fainted in front of the headquarters of the high commission of refugees.

Hafdallah has been staging a sit-in, with his three brothers and mother, to condemn the continued, forced disappearance of Ahmed El Khalil. El Khalil has been missing for a decade.

The same source told MWN that the Polisario Front refused to dispatch an ambulance to transfer Hafdallah to the hospital.

Algerian intelligence services along with Polisario members kidnapped El Khalil in 2009, two months after the Polisario had appointed him to monitor human rights in the Tindouf camps.

Since his disappearance, El Khalil’s family along with other activists have been urging the Polisario Front to disclose the fate of their relative.

After unfulfilled promises, leader of the front Ibrahim Ghali refused to engage in a dialogue with El Khalil’s family. Subsequently, the family decided to hold a sit-in campaign to pressure the Polisario to disclose information on the disappearance of El Khalil.

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On July 20, a group of Sahrawis marched on Rabouni to condemn the disappearance of the leading Polisario member.

In January, rumors emerged in the Tindouf camps of the death of El Khalil in an Algerian prison.

Former Polisario officier Mustafa Salma Oueld Sidi Mouloud said in a Facebook post that the leading member died on Wednesday, January 10.

In response to the rumors, which attracted interest in human rights violations at the hands of the Polisario, the front’s leader vowed to disclose information on the disappearance of El Khalil. His family members and supporters are still waiting for Ghali to reveal his whereabouts.

Ahmed El Khalil was born in Tan-Tan in southern Morocco. He decided to join Polisario in 1977. El Khalil held several positions in Tindouf, including director of security in Tindouf before he was appointed a human rights adviser prior to his disappearance.