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King Mohammed VI Receives Delegation Heading to Saudi Arabia for Pilgrimage

King Mohammed VI addressed a letter to Moroccan pilgrims earlier this month, urging them to honor their country in the 2019 Hajj season.

Rabat – King Mohammed VI received members of the official delegation heading to perform the annual Hajj pilgrimage in 2019. 

The King received the delegation today, July 29, at the royal palace in Tetouan, northern Morocco.

Hamou Ouheli, secretary of State to the Minister of Agriculture is leading the delegation, which also includes, Hamed El Atfaoui, governor of Azilal province, and Taib Anjar, judge, president of the Criminal Chamber of the Court of Cassation.

The delegation also includes Mohamed Basri, ambassador, director of Consular and Social Affairs at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Colonel Abdelwahab Lagnaoui,

Minister of Islamic Affairs Ahmed Toufiq attended the audience, Maghreb Arab Press (MAP) reported.

Ouheli said that the King has given his instructions to the members of the delegation to assist and support Moroccan pilgrims to ensure they perform Hajj rituals under the best conditions.

Prior to the meeting, King Mohammed VI also addressed a letter to Moroccan pilgrims on July 18.

In his letter, the King called on Moroccan pilgrims to “embody the values of your homeland – Morocco – and reflect its civilization as well as the characteristics of the Moroccan identity.”

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The King also recalled on his message that Islam made the pilgrimage one of the pillars of Muslims’ faith.

“The aim is to enable Muslims to get to know one another, to meet in one place and to come together in solidarity as brothers and sisters in order to uphold what is right and avoid sin and aggression,” the letter added.