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Moroccan Government Rejects Motion on Teaching of Ministers’ Children in Public Schools

Moroccan Government rejected the proposal related to teaching ministers’ children in public schools.

Rabat – The Moroccan Government rejected a parliamentary proposal calling for the teaching of Moroccan ministers’ children in public schools, according to Hespress. The Confederation of Democratic Labor (CDT) submitted the motion during the voting session on the new education framework law on August 2.

The proposal calls on “Moroccan officials, especially members of the government, parliament, and directors of public institutions to register their children for compulsory public education.” According to the CDT, the proposal aimed to restore people’s confidence in public schools. 

However, the Minister of National Education, Vocational Training, Higher Education and Scientific Research, Said Amzazi, rejected this proposal without justification. The Government also rejected all the proposals made by the Confederation.

It is expected that the draft law will be issued in the Official Bulletin within the next few days.

Amzazi said in a speech that the new education law “constitutes the first framework-law in the history of Moroccan legislation in the field of education and training and scientific research.”

“It will enable our country to have a legislative reference which guarantees the sustainability of the education system reform,” added Amzazi.

The Minister reaffirmed the state’s guarantee of free public education, adding that the State is committed through this law to create a special fund to finance the education system and improve its quality.