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Morocco’s Ministry Schedules Retake Exams, Medical Students to Continue Boycott

Medical students are promising to continue their protests despite the Ministry’s attempts to reach a reconciliation through dialogue.

Rabat – Morocco’s Ministry of Education and Vocational Training issued a statement, announcing that medical, dentistry, and pharmaceutical retake exams will take place from September 4-30.

The ministry said that the retake exams will take place according to the schedule established and posted in medical universities.

The ministry also called on all students to take the retake exams. The statement comes six days after the National Commission of Medical Students in Morocco said that a march will take place on September 1 as part of the continuous  “struggle” to urge the government to meet their demands.

Since March, medical students have been carrying out protests and strikes against poor medical training conditions, as well as the government’s decision to privatize medical education services.

Hundreds of students boycotted final exams after four months of continuous protests.

Throughout the year, the Education and Health Ministries have convened the students for meetings, urging them to suspend their strikes to take the final exams.

Supported by their parents, students announced in several statements their determination to continue their protests and sit-ins to denounce the ministries’ “persistence” in not meeting demands.

In June,  medical student Oumaima Outani told  Morocco World News that the students are striking against the “inhumane circumstances in which final year medical students take their internships.”

She said that all students are “forced” to strike by the poor conditions in which students are forced to work.

We are forced to protest. We are forced to save our public schools and to save our future, so we are ready to do whatever it takes and to go as long as we can,” she said

In a statement, the commission of medical students said that all strike and boycott of finale exams were 10% successful. The statement came after  Minister of Education Said Amzazi warned the students that they should shoulder their responsibility for missing exams.

The students, however, believe that the government and the ministries of health and education, bear the responsibility of the lost year.”

The commission also questions the concerned parties’ willingness to resolve the case.

in a statement on July 30, the commission said that “the huge delay in responding the demands of students and their concerns, which exceeded four months, question the officials’ will to resolve this file.”