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Marhaba 2019: Tangier-Med Port Records New Diaspora Arrival Peak

2019 Marhaba operation was a success and has recorded a peak of arrivals exceeding 61,000 passengers in two days.

Rabat – From June 5 to August 5, “Marhaba” operation assisted 567,932 passengers and 159,110 vehicles returning to Morocco through Tangier Med Port, said the Port Authority (TMSA) on August 6.

The “Marhaba” operation is a system designed to welcome Moroccans living abroad who return home for the summer holidays.

Hassan Abkari, deputy director-general of TMSA, told Maghreb Arab Press that this initiative, adopted by Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity, is designed to improve passenger comfort and optimize the time they spend transiting through the port.

According to a statement from TMSA, the peak of the Marhaba operation was recorded during the weekend of August 3-4. Arrivals totaled 61,197 passengers and 15,601 vehicles.

TMSA also highlighted that the Marhaba operation is taking place in good conditions thanks to the involvement of local authorities, the General Directorate of National Security, Customs, border health control, and the Royal Gendarmerie.

According to Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity’s website, more than 400 social workers, doctors, paramedics, and volunteers are at the service of the Moroccan Community Abroad.

The Foundation’s services are spread through all its sites and rest areas, equipped with resting rooms, spaces for children, medical consultation rooms, and ambulances.

The return phase procedures will be deployed in the coming days, says TMSA. The Authority invites travelers to consult the traffic forecasts available on the website and mobile application, and to avoid busy periods, especially from August 28 to August 31.