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Moroccan Consul-General to Canary Islands Says Morocco is ‘Security Model in Africa’

"Morocco is a security model in Africa and in the Arab world," Ahmed Moussa told

Rabat – In an interview with, Ahmed Moussa, the Consul-General of Morocco in the Canary Islands, stated that Morocco supports Spain “in the fight against irregular immigration, terrorism and all kinds of illegal traffic.”

In the interview, published on August 14, Moussa denounced “the radicalism and terrorism now significantly present in Africa and at the top of the country’s list of challenges.”

Moussa was asked if the increasing presence of terrorist groups in the Sahel area jeopardizes the security or economy of the country. “Morocco is a model of stability and security in Africa and in the Arab world,” Moussa replied.

The Consul-general also affirmed that “the best way to guarantee freedom and human rights is to establish effective security mechanisms.” 

He stressed how radical and terrorist acts “do not represent true Islam; Islam is peace, tolerance, cohabitation, and love of humanity.” “We consider these acts radical thoughts which lead to something hateful, terrorism,” he continued.

Moussa further highlighted Morocco’s counter-terrorism efforts saying, “we condemn terrorism; we are part of the United Nations Counter-terrorism Committee, and we cooperate with Europe in the matter.”

Asked if he agreed with the death sentences for the three main defendants who slaughtered two Scandinavian tourists in December, the Consul reiterated that “justice is an independent autonomous power in Morocco.” 

On December 17, 2018, Moroccan authorities found two bodies of Scandinavian tourists beheaded in Imlil near Mount Toubkal. Three of the 24 suspects arrested were sentenced to death. The remaining suspects were sentenced to between 5 and 30 years imprisonment.

Moussa added that “the Moroccan court applied the law in force in Morocco against the perpetrators of that heinous crime condemned by the entire Moroccan and international community.”

He continued to congratulate the security forces for their exemplary efforts to stop the perpetrators of such crimes in record time.

As part of Morocco’s counter-terrorism strategy, the country participated for the period of July 24 – August 8 in Interpol’s counter-terrorism program, Neptune 2.

The country has taken an approach to fight terrorism not only through security measures but also through tackling the radicalization of the youth and the spread of extremist thought.

In 2018, Morocco’s General Delegation to the Prison Administration and Reintegration (DGAPR) launched “Moussalaha” program. 

Moussalaha (reconciliation) aims to reintegrate prisoners into society after a process of “deradicalization” in which prisoners reconcile with themselves, then with the religious text, and finally with society.