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Singer Adil El Miloudi Promotes Violence Against Women

“He who does not beat his wife is not a real man,” said the singer on Chada TV.

Rabat – The popular Moroccan singer, Adil El Miloudi, has been under fire for his pro-violence statements. “He who does not beat up his wife is not a real man,”  El Miloudi confidently stated during his appearance on the Kotbi Night show broadcast on June 29 on Chada TV.

The video recently resurfaced on social networks, prompting a widespread backlash. The controversy comes only a few months after the High Authority for Audiovisual Communication (HACA) suspended Radio Mars host, Adil El Omari, for misogynistic remarks. 

The host told a female football fan that she’d better “take care of her cooking, watch Choumicha’ s shows (famous Moroccan cooking show) and leave the national team alone.”

El Miloudi further added that he still beats his wife and that he was arrested once for it in Spain. “She told the cops that I did not do anything to her; they released me 24 hours later,” he explained. The singer also stated that “this is normal in Morocco; everyone can do whatever they want with their wife, hit her, kill her…”.

Imad Kotbi, the host of the Kotbi Night TV show, told Huffpost Maghreb that Chada TV was not yet under HACA’s supervision at the time of broadcast, possibly implying that the Chada TV will not be sanctioned.

Several  Internet users took to their keyboards to condemn El Miloudi’s statement. Some demanded the opening of a judicial investigation as well as a boycott of the singer on all platforms. Others called on women’s rights associations to intervene.

The singer is known for his sexist and threatening remarks. In July 2015, through his song “Kifach Houma Mahadrouch” (“Why didn’t they talk?”), he threatened director Nabil Ayouch and actress Loubna Abidar after the release of their controversial movie “Much Loved”. 

“Loubna Abidar, today, you are in danger. Everyone knows what you did, it will bring you only misfortune,” sang El Miloudi referring to Abidar’s sex scenes in the movie. The song continued, “Nabil Ayouch will be arrested, and we will see what “Much Loved” means then.”

In March 2018, El Miloudi went live on Facebook defending the singer Saad Lamjarred, who was, at the time, suspected of rape for the second time in two years.

One Twitter user replied to El Miloudi’s video saying, “El Miloudi must be banned from TV, radio, social networks, shows, and concerts. He is a real public danger.” 

In a more recent post, the user demanded if “any explanations have been asked from the channel, producer, and broadcaster?” 

The commenter also stated, “God only knows how many times, they rebroadcast this sh**;  with his 400,000 fans, no wonder we will have 200,000 women beaten in Morocco 10 years from now.”

“I am scandalized by these toxic words. Now, I think we need to mobilize so that all Moroccan radio and TV stations ban this person,” added another user.