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Ministry Of Education Dismisses Claims of Flawed Preschool System

The Ministry said it reserves the right to sue anyone who spreads misinformation regarding its recent projects.

Rabat – Morocco’s Ministry of Education has released a statement denying media reports that the National Program of Generalization and Development of Preschool, which consists of multiple high budget projects, is flawed.

The program was announced on June 26 and is being put into practice this school year, which kicked off last week. The ministry argued that it is too soon for any criticism of the program to be valid, as it has only just been implemented.

“Claiming that the Inclusive Education Project is struggling is completely unfounded, because how can an evaluation be made of a program that is still in its first phase of implementation,” said the ministry.

The statement also reassured the public that the General Inspectorate of the Ministry will carry out a periodic evaluation in order to provide practical support for ongoing programs, identify any problems, and work out how to overcome them.

Additionally, a computer system that collects all data relating to projects carried out at the regional level has been created in order to ensure a follow-up rigorous of the projects, the statement adds.

The statement added that the ministerial meetings that have been held in recent days come in preparation for the school year, especially the monitoring of projects, and have nothing to do with any difficulties the media has reported.

To further erase any confusion, the ministry will soon hold a press conference in order to “enlighten the public opinion about the aforementioned projects and any news regarding the current season,” according to the statement.

The statement also urged the media to uphold “rigor and objectivity,” adding that the ministry reserves the right to sue all anyone who circulates “false information to the detriment of the ministry and its officials.”

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