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Fans Attack Home of Sierra Leone Football Captain After Missed Goal

The Sierra Leonean football fans also directed their anger at the Liberian national team, throwing stones at the squad as they attempted to leave the stadium in Freetown.

Rabat – Football fans have attacked the home of the captain of the Sierra Leone football team. The star, Umaru Bangura, missed a penalty goal in a crucial game against Liberia Sunday, September 8.

Bangura also plays for the FC Zurich but was home in Freetown, Sierra Leone, to play against Liberia in a World Cup qualifier. Liberia won 3-2, meaning Sierra Leone did not qualify for the World Cup 2022.

After Bangura’s unfortunate missed goal, saved by the Liberian goalkeeper, Leonian fans turned on the star, throwing stones at his house and breaking windows. 

Bangura, hiding out in his bedroom, told the BBC “I can’t even go outside.”

Hooligans even went as far as attacking Red Cross volunteers whom some accused of helping Bangura escape the pitch.

Earlier in the day, the visiting Liberian team also got a taste of the violence while they prepared for the match. Fans threw stones at the team and attempted to prevent them from reaching their van for cover.

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