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Over 4 Million Children to Benefit From Royal Initiative ‘1 Million School Bags’

The initiative was launched by King Mohammed VI in 2008 and has since been renewed every year.

Rabat – As part of the Royal Initiative ”1 Million School Bags,” running across the 2019-2020 school year, 113,664 students in Fez have received school bags from the government, according to MAP.

A further 112,934 children in the province of Al Haouz have also received their school bags, an increase of 5 % compared to the previous year. According to MAP, a total of 4,463,000 children will benefit from the program this year.

The initiative, which has a budget of MAD 484 million, was launched by King Mohammed VI in 2008 and has since been renewed every year. It is the largest government program to support school enrollment and is funded by the Social Cohesion Fund.

Primary and high school students in rural areas benefit the most, receiving 63% of the donations. The goal is to prevent students from dropping out, and to ensure equal opportunities and provide support to families in need.

King Mohammed VI kicked off the initiative himself this year, personally handing over textbooks and school bags to students from the Othmane Ibn Affane School and Sidi Yahya Zaer Collegiate High School, both in the Skhirate-Témara Prefecture.

He also inaugurated the school year by visiting the training Centre for Hotel and Tourism Professions in Temara on Thursday, September 12.

While there, the Minister of National Education, Vocational Training, Higher Education and Scientific Research, Said Amzazi, presented King Mohammed VI with results from an assessment of the education system and the reforms that are currently underway. He reassured the King that the programs and measures in place are running smoothly, according to MAP.

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